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  Fundraising Goals

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Friends of Ishmael Fund



Fundraising Goals

Fundraising Ideas

The Friends of Ishmael Society Fund was established in order to serve as a source of funding for endeavors that spread the word about Ishmael. All startup expenses thus far have been paid out of the pockets of the founders and a few generous donors. Now we need you to help Friends of Ishmael grow larger. Donations will be solicited from Quinn readers, from other like-minded organizations, and through various educational and governmental grants.

All money raised will be used for the following three goals in the order that they are shown below.

Goal #1: Nonprofit Application - Goal Achieved

The first $500 has been raised, and will pay for the application fee to establish the Friends of Ishmael Society as a non-profit organization. We will keep you updated of our progress towards becoming a fully sanctioned nonprofit organization.

Goal #2: Grant-giving

Once these initial costs are met, money will be deposited into an account that will later be redistributed to local Ishmael groups around the world. Once a critical amount has been obtained, any Ishmael related group or individual could ask to be reimbursed for expenses such as flyers, newspaper advertisements, commercials, billboards, and more books.

Goal #3: Staffing

A long-term objective of the Friends of Ishmael Society is to maintain a small temporary or permanent staff. This staff would maintain this website, publish a newsletter, help create and support local Ishmael groups, apply for grants, organize fundraisers, handle finances, and/or network with other organizations. We would like to emphasize that money will only be allocated to staffing after the initial goals have been implemented.

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