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"Franz Kafka once wrote to a friend that the only books worth reading are those that 'wake us up with a blow on the head' and send us reeling out into the street, not knowing who or what we are. According to thousands of readers I've heard from, this is exactly what Ishmael does for them. What makes Ishmael important is not what it's "about" but rather what it DOES to you--and this is what you need to share with your friends." - Daniel Quinn

Daniel Quinn's ideas are influencing our culture in a pervasive way. A diverse range of readers, from business leaders and musicians to teachers and doctors have tangibly changed their realities based on the message they found through Ishmael. This section is a wonderful storehouse of information for anyone wishing to spread the incredible story of Ishmael's success through newspaper, newsletter or magazine articles, radio, television, or any other medium.

These tangible real-world changes represent some of the most powerful and convincing examples of the profound ideas that lie behind them. Seeing how Quinn's ideas are beginning to translate from imagination into reality is crucial for the morale of current Friends, as well as in helping convince others to become curious about the remarkable ideas behind them. This information is compiled in part from readers who contact us, so please let us know how you have implemented the message of Ishmael in your community.

Here, we also publish Ishmael-related events. This section increases networking by informing you of past activities and events, and upcoming activities and events to attend, in addition to giving you the oppurtunity to let others know about and increase attendance for your own events. Let us know about your activities!

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